“We believe in informed decision making, that’s why we help researchers master data literacy”

Our personalized data science courses enable you to put details into perspective and contribute to effective decision making. Let key decision-makers understand your data so that they can act upon your research!

Rick Scavetta

Rick Scavetta has worked as an independent workshop trainer, freelance data scientist and co-founder since 2012. Operating as Scavetta Academy, Rick has a close and recurring presence at primary research institutes all over Germany, including many Max Planck Institutes and Excellence Clusters, including primatology, earth sciences, marine biology, molecular genetics, and behavioral psychology. His online courses at DataCamp have been taken by over 200,000 students since 2016 and he’s also contributed to advanced data science courses for O’Reilly and Manning.

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Irina Czogiel

Irina has a PhD in Statistics and many years of experience of working in research. Her work focused on applying and developing statistical methods to data sets in the biomedical context including immunology and applied epidemiology.

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Boyan Angelov

Boyan has been worked as a data scientist and consultant in a variety of different fields, including e-commerce, clinical trials, HRTech and most recently management consulting. Additionally, he has taken on various management and advisory roles, is active in the open source community and is a regular speaker.

Inspiration for our artwork

The drawings used throughout our website come from Ernst Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur, published between 1899 and 1904.

As an accomplished German naturalist and artist, Haeckel was already familiar to Rick Scavetta from his studies in Evolutionary Biology. When developing the company’s visual identity, Rick was drawn to these images for a number of reasons.

Kunstformen der Natur is one of the most influential works bridging the gap between science and art. This is reflected in the marriage of the hard and soft skills in every workshop, such as the presentation of difficult technical material in the Presentation Skills workshop.